Thursday, April 24, 2008

RiotNITE - 4/23/08

Hey case you were out and about last night, here's the quick and dirty:

We had talked last week about how we all have a purpose, and that's to Love God & Love People. Well, that's kind of hard. In point of's real stinkin hard. Just ask someone who's trying to walk that narrow path...

We talked about how so hard to get up in the morning and dedicate even a small amount of time to God & His Word, yet its so easy to lose my temper, or to lust, or (fill in the blank for you)...

Isaiah 55 (Isaiah 55 - The Message) Shows how while its so easy to chase after all the worthless unsatisfying things in life, and it's tricky, tricky, tricky to pursue God, He is way satisfying and life-giving. We watched this video on that very thing

We have to seek Him while He's to be found and not only because He's there, which is more than you could say for a lot of dads, but because He's mighty to save, He's a Hero! Here on earth things are just a shadow or rough sketch of Him, but the story of Team Hoyt will give quite the idea we're after here, Their Story - Their Video -

He not only saves and carrys and redeems us, but He is so different and higher and greater that He sends His word and works through us to this world so that we have life and life worth living and really...honestly, our response should be praise - ...Go Out From Here & Praise---Pretty good way to live out purpose don't ya think?